SUN OCEAN & AIR LOGISTICS CO., LTD(Hereafter Called “SOA “) is of worldwide scope and resources since its foundation in TAIWAN CARGO FORWAEDER. With offices in Taiwan, and Hong Kong, China and through the entire world, SOA LOGISTICS has its disposal a worldwide agents with whom it has established close relationship, and takes confidence in the expert capabilities of its team of Professional logistics consultants, who are highly analytical to understand the critical moves in business.

To meet today's freight's needs, at SOA LOGISTICS the profession of freight forwarder lies at the heart of any logistics project,SOA LOGISTICS is experienced in all aspects of this discipline, import as well as export. At SOA Logistics,we give emphasis on our strength to provide customers with full-scale value-added services for their optimum management and distribution.We are committed to support our team members in exploring their individual potentials and honing their skills to make them globally competitive.

The global station of markets presents Asia with increasingly complex situations in the freight
transport sector.
SOA LOGISTICS has excellent network of affiliates and sub agents in the worldwide ,as
well as our
sophisticated experience in triangular trade and is well placed to take full
advantage of the
rapid economic developmentin this region.
We are with you every step and growing with you throughout Asia.




Business Style

SOA LOGISTICS and our agent partners operate as a team to pick the
shipment promptly, moves the shipment timely as sold, follow up
timely arrival.

All documents will be proceeded accurately so that there are no delays in
satisfying the trade terms of shipment transaction.

Ensured quality service to our ever-expanding list of customers. When
working with us, you will meet people who see it as their prime duty to
give client's cargo- large or small the attention you feel deserving



Our Service

  • International Air/Ocean and Import/Export services

  • Sea/Air Services

  • Import and Export Custom broker services

  • Inland Pick-up and Delivery Trucking Services

  • Urgent Clearance

  • Import/Export Permits

  • Packing Service Available

  • Distribution Management

  • Warehousing Services

  • Consulting Services

  • Computerized Operation Network

  • Door to door container services

  • Banking documentation

  • Insurance cover






Your precious comments on improving SOA LOGISTICS services or any service requirement will be highly appreciated. Our customer service people are always eager to provide the best, the most efficient and professional service to you whenever possible.

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